LUMAS Art Editions on a Wall

LUMAS Art Editions at a Glance

Discover the world of art with LUMAS. Find art editions you love in our extensive collection. From hand-signed, limited-edition portraits to small collector’s items to designer vases, you can find it all at LUMAS.

Limited Editions

Hand-signed artworks in strictly limited editions. Discovered and curated by our experts at international exhibitions and art fairs.


Works by celebrated artists who exhibit in the biggest museums and achieve high prices at auction – in hand-signed, limited editions. Art fit for a museum.


Famous and timeless works of art that are still every bit as fascinating. These photography classics are available in Open Editions.


Perfect for collectors, the Minis are the most popular LUMAS artworks in open editions and small sizes. Very popular as gifts.

Open Editions

Select, museum-quality works of art. Renowned artists and exciting newcomers are accessible for everyone in our Open Editions.

Art Now

Great art comes in small packages! Ideal for collecting or gifting. Simply add a personal greeting and these artworks are ready to send!

Special Editions

Very special artworks at an entry-level price in hand-signed, special limited editions. Only available for a short time.


Art takes many forms. Discover our skateboard decks, golden hearts, astronauts, and more objects that bring beauty to your home.

Lenticular Images

Art in motion: Our lenticular artworks change with the viewer's every movement. They never cease to amaze.


The subject determines the form. Our cut-outs forego backgrounds to overcome the traditional image concept. Perfectly designed, modern art.

Wall Objects

Our wall objects present a special art experience. Through their unique feel and combination of mediums, they have the power to transform any space.